No matter how interested a couple is in each other, dating occasionally has issues. The couple may view these as small stumbles in their relationships, and they may regale friends and family with a hilarious tale. Other times, couples have dates where serious issues arise. More than just a small stumble, these times can and often do test a relationship. These incidents may become good tales for later in life if the couple can work through them.

Some dates begin with issues such as bad timing or going to the wrong place to meet. They get straightened out eventually, and couples have a tale to tell. Some dates are interrupted by meeting others unexpectedly. Depending upon those who are met, the date can take a severe turn for the worst or be the best date ever. Events also occur during dates that create a wonderful and exciting story for a winter's night far into the future. Dating, for some couples, is the ultimate adventure.


Weathering a Date

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Meeting Unexpectedly

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Being Together Longer than Expected

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More than Fashionably Late

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Stranded on the Road

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